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Why is my solid floor cracking?

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Why is my solid floor cracking?

Floors are strong in summer and cracks can appear in winter when the weather turns cooler.

So what exactly went wrong? Is your floor broken?

For most hardwood floors, the answer is no.

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What you're seeing is fairly normal for all solid wood products. The reason is also simple: wood is hygroscopic.

Hygroscopic objects absorb and store moisture from their environment.

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The moisture content of hardwood floors will vary depending on the relative humidity in your home. When the air humidity increases, the moisture content also increases accordingly. Likewise, when humidity decreases, the moisture content of the wood decreases, causing shrinkage. The technical term for this process is: Equilibrium Moisture Content.

In hot summer, the moisture content in the air is high, and the floor absorbs the moisture and expands sufficiently. And in the winter, when the doors and windows are closed, the heat is turned on, the humidity drops, the floor starts to release moisture, and then shrinks, you'll see cracks in the floor.

How to control the ground seam?

One of the best ways to do this is to maintain moisture balance in your home throughout the four seasons. Obviously, this requires increasing air humidity during the dry months, and the general approach is to invest in a humidifier.


Of course, there is an easier way: choose SPC flooring. The raw materials of SPC floor are stone powder and plastic, which will not shrink and expand under the influence of temperature and humidity like wooden floors, so there is no gap problem.





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