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Why Spc Floor is popular now

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Why Spc Floor is popular now

I know why everyone changed the spc floor!

 Who is not afraid of water, bubbles and mildew

The wooden floor has a warm color, and it is comfortable to walk on it without shoes at home, but most owners love and hate it. Once it is stained with water, it is easy to be damaged. Every maintenance is also particularly time-consuming, laborious and expensive. So the merchants have introduced a new type of floor. Have you heard of the spc floor?


Now more and more families begin to understand and change this kind of wooden floor! Most of the composite wood floors we used to lay were made of density board substrate+glue. The spc floor is made of calcium powder+polyvinyl chloride as the raw material, and then the pvc wear-resistant layer and PVC color film are heated and pressed on it in turn through the mold.


People who have a certain understanding of the process of making composite wood flooring should know that it can not be separated from glue, and the whole process of spc flooring does not add glue (glue will release formaldehyde under high temperature), so more environmental protection makes it stand out quickly from many wood flooring materials, and more and more owners love and use it.


Of course, its advantages can not be limited to this one. Compared with ordinary flooring, where is the advantage of spc flooring?

The biggest highlight should be that it is not afraid of water and can be arbitrarily spread in any place. The surface layer has been treated by special process, without air holes and water penetration. It is also no problem to lay it in the toilet and kitchen, which often deal with water. It will not be like the ordinary wooden floor. A bubble will deform and bubble, or mildew will occur due to high humidity.


Secondly, the abrasion resistance is several times that of ordinary floor

I saw a review video before. Some netizens rubbed the steel ball for cleaning tableware back and forth on the spc floor, but there was no trace on the surface. If it was a wooden floor, it would have been out of shape! It can be seen how excellent its wear resistance is.

The fire protection level has reached B1, which is incomparable to ordinary floors. So you can see that many public spaces are also paved with SPC floors, which is why.


Finally, we mentioned its base material, calcium powder, which has good thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is the best choice if the floor is heated at home. It will not release any harmful gas even if it is heated again.





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