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Why LVT Flooring becomes so popular

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Why LVT Flooring becomes so popular

 LVT Flooring  becomes so popular

In the flooring and surfaces industry, LVT refers to ‘Luxury Vinyl Tiling’, which replicates the look of wood, stone and ceramic but host of advantages that the latter simply does not provide. Nowadays, LVT flooring is playing an increasingly crucial role in home decoration. Today, several points must be provided for you to learn more about LVT flooring.

First of all, what is LVT?

Generally speaking, LVT, which is older than SPC and WPC, the member of PVC flooring family, is produced by compressed with multiple layers. Due to the different forms fo installation, two types of LVT flooring are on the market currently. With high technology click system, click LVT is one of our easiest products to install and perfect for a DIY project. Meanwhile, glue down LVT is also the most popular in the flooring market, even though it shall be installed with adhesive.

Secondly, how is Luxury Vinyl Tile made?

To keep the floor thin and flexible but also strong, durable and waterproof, LVT floor consists of at least five layers. Two layers on the top are UV coating and Wear layer, both of them are transparent. However, they can protect the floor from scratch and stain. Below those two layers is Color film layer, which is a picture of the style of flooring; either wood or stone. Through this layer, LVT becomes an extremely high quality to offer you the authenticity and realistic appearance of a natural product. The fourth layer is the Middle layer, the core broad, which guarantees the floor stabilization and toughness. Last but not least is the PVC back, this layer assists the middle layer to keep LVT hardly to be broken. If you have other requirements, the sixth layer also can be added like the remaining layers consist of fiberglass to provide the floor more toughness. Those layers are compressed together with special adhesive in hot press.

What’s more, what are the benefits of LVT?

As I said above, compared with other surfaces, LVT is incredibly durable and tough. On the one hand, it is easy to install with click system or adhesive, which creates a beautiful seamless and gap-free floor when installed correctly. On the other hand, LVT is suitable for any room in your house. Its robustness and durability means it is a great option for a busy area like living space. Its completely waterproof and mold-proof makes it suitable for bathrooms or kitchens. The ability of sound absorption is another amazing benefit, which means it is also propitious to sitting room and bedroom. Then, LVT is a very low maintenance choice of flooring. All it requires to keep it fresh and new is a regular sweep to remove any dust or dirt. Finally, with so many different options of LVT to choose, from 0.1mm/1.5mm to 0.7mm/5.0mm, from the pattern of wood flooring to stone and ceramic tile, there is always one style to meet your requirement.

Through our discussion of LVT flooring, are you eager to purchase or learn more about this kind of floor? Opportunity knocks but once, please kindly let us know with any questions, all your concerns will be received our attention and prompt reply.




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