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Which Kind of Floors are Suibtale for Underfloor Heating?

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Which Kind of Floors are Suibtale for Underfloor Heating?

Which kind of floors are suitable for underfloor heating? Wood flooring for underfloor heating has to meet for requirements: underfloor heating conductivity, size stability, environmental prevention and durable. Expect for these, formaldehyde release is a very important problem. When floor is under long heating, the formaldehyde release is not exceeding standard. Real wood flooring is not suitable for underfloor heating, and laminate flooring has formaldehyde more or less. Heating will accelerate the release of formaldehyde. After testing, vinyl flooring has been no discoloration, shrinkage or effect on the appearance, meaning that underfloor heating under vinyl can be safely used.

Generally speaking, Vinyl Click Flooring temperature should not exceed 27°C. In order to achieve it, thermostat is necessary, and the thermostat is special for vinyl flooring. As wet underfloor heating systems are embedded into the structural sub-floor, all products in the wet system range can be used with vinyl flooring and laminate flooring. We recommend using an insulated underlay and dual overlay for maximum energy efficiency with the electric heating systems.

It is important to make sure that the system gives enough heat output so that you can fully enjoy the comfort of having underfloor heating. You should pay attention that any glue used is suitable for use with underfloor heating. Some glue may contain formaldehyde.

Because vinyl flooring is easy to clean, waterproof and slip-resistant, it is not only for underfloor heating, but also is suitable for bathroom and kitchens.




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