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What's SPC Flooring--Emosin Flooring

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What's SPC Flooring--Emosin Flooring

SPC flooring structure includes UV coating, Wear layer, SPC decorative film and SPC core. For the  backing,  EVA, IXPE foam or Cork wood as option available.Its advantages includes good dimension stability, high peel strength, no warping, no distortion, 100% waterproof, heat and sound insulation, eco-friendly rigid floor, no harmful emission, good walk feeling.

With a keen business sense, Emosin Flooring devotes considerable human and material resources into composite flooring, which is now known as SPC flooring, Rigid Vinyl flooring.Due to advanced technology, service concept, and sophisticated production, Emosin has become the most developed manufacturer of SPC flooring in China.

Emosin Flooring imported Germany original equipments, strictly abides to the international production process standards as below, to ensure the most advanced extrusion, and calendaring technology.

Spc Flooring

Advantage of SPC Flooring:

1.Economical and practical.
Due to new upgraded formula, production cost comes down as well, which makes SPC more affordable.

2.Incredibly stable quality.
This is the biggest advantage compared with regular vinyl floor. With the new upgraded formula, SPC is more rigid and stable, which enables it can be installed everywhere even suitable for under floor heating.

3.Heat-and-cold resistance.
SPC flooring can bear the temperature difference from -75℃ to 80℃. The dimensional stability is brilliant. The shrinkage≤0.002%, curling≤0.2mm with EN434 st

4.100% Waterproof

100%waterproof, can be suitable for Kicthen, bathroom.




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