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What's Lvt Flooring--Emosin Floor

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What's Lvt Flooring--Emosin Floor

What is LVT?
LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile. Developed by Norman Stone in Japan in the 1960s, the LVT flooring category currently represents the fastest growing flooring segment. It offers the style and realism of natural wood and tile flooring at a lower cost and with advantages such as easier maintenance and installation.

LVT is Emosin’s core business. Emosin pioneered this category and now holds equity positions in the factories where our products are manufactured, ensuring better quality control, better pricing and greater access to new technologies.

How is LVT made?


LVT features a layered product construction:
• The vinyl base layer offers flexibility and dimensional stability and is produced through a process called “calendering.”
• The decorative vinyl design layers are cut to size from roll
• The sandwich is constructed and layered and enclosed inside embossing plates and placed into a hot or cold press
• Embossing plates may be random, overall embossing or IRE (in register embossing)
• The sandwich comes out of the press and is stabilized through a series of hot and cold water baths in a process called “annealing”
• From here LVT can be:
     – Cut and packaged (i.e. dry back or Glue Down)
     – Add glue and packaged(Self Adhesive)
     – Click nd packaged (i.e. Click )

      –Loose Lay




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