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Use and maintenance of SPC floor

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Use and maintenance of SPC floor

SPC floor is a modern new type floor, non-toxic, anti-skid, noise reduction, more significant advantage is durable, service life greatly increased. It is more comfortable than ceramic tiles and easier to take care of than wood flooring, so SPC flooring is more popular now. 


How should we properly use and maintain it to better extend the service life of SPC flooring?

1. Maintain indoor humidity

Although the SPC floor has been treated to reduce the size change, it will also slightly deform with the change of climate humidity after a long time of use. In some areas, in the dry season, especially when the heating is on, the indoor temperature can be adjusted by different methods, such as using a humidifier or putting basin water on the heating; In the yellow mold season, open windows to ventilate and keep the room dry.

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2. Avoid local heating

The performance of SPC floor is stable, but the floor is easy to be damaged due to uneven heating, which greatly reduces the service life of the floor

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3. It is unnecessary to use alkaline water, soapy water, etc. when cleaning the floor

The surface of SPC floor has been specially treated, which is easy to clean. It only needs to be cleaned with a clean water rag. The use of cleaning products may cause damage to the floor.

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4. Avoid standing water for a long time

SPC floor has waterproof, fireproof and other properties, but long-time water accumulation may cause floor deformation and affect the use.

The SPC floor mechanism is stable, not only waterproof and fireproof, but also comfortable and easy to install and take care of. Therefore, no special care is required in daily life, as long as the above points are noted, the service time can be well extended.





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