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Is WPC Vinyl Flooring Same As LVT?

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Is WPC Vinyl Flooring Same As LVT?

WPC Vinyl Flooring is also one of the floating flooring which is glueless and quick installation. Thanks to its new unique PVC composition, the whole plank are not heavy as normal PVC plank. But it is still 100% water-proof and even stable on dimension. WPC is the best of vinyl flooring market. It looks like the traditional hardwood, and is very popular among people. WPC vinyl flooring offers some of the most innovative, versatile and high-performance flooring available.


LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles, and sometimes the LVT is also waterproof. However, WPC vinyl flooring and LVT mean two different things. Typically, all WPC vinyl flooring will be considered luxury vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl planks, but not all luxury vinyl is WPC. WPC vinyl flooring is very special in the vinyl flooring market.

Generally speaking, LVT includes a thick, durable floor, multiple layers, a tough wear layer and something. It is refratory material. Even the house caught the fire, you have no necessary to worry about that the LVT flooring will be on fire like ordinary plastic floor. Therefore, the lighted cigarette will not destroy floor. Senssefloor has rubber elasticity and is skid resistance, so it becomes more widely used in bedrooms, living rooms, dinning rooms, corridors, entrance halls and small offices. You have to pay attention that the some LVT is inferior.

In a words, WPC vinyl flooring has the performances what the LVT flooring also has. However, WPC vinyl flooring more advantages like the better waterproof, better wear-layers and so on. If you have any questions, you can ask for us.




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