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Emosin Canton Fair

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Shandong Emosin Decorative Products Co., Ltd. attended Phase II of the Canton Fair on 23-27 OCT,2023 in booth no. : 13.1 K25 in the building materials exhibition areas as an exhibitor.

Emosin export team has taken reception of 60 foreign customers from countries all around the world.  All customers are interested in SPC and Laminate Flooring, They inquired about the thickness, wear layer, quality, materials of the floor, production capacity, production site location, etc.  Most of them got quotations of interested products in the booth site, some customers confirmed the factory visiting date with Emosin.

Emosin showed the SPC floor bending test at the booth site, some customers were interested in it and asked why the SPC floors they imported from other suppliers could not get such a bending outcome, Emosin export team explained that our SPC floor produced by Virgin high quality but not recycled materials.


Emosin explained the Laminated floor difference in density of fiberboard, wear layer, and abrasion class to customers at the booth site, and told customers that we always produce genuine quality products according to their requirements to ensure that customers get is what they want.


One customer from South America told about his buying experience from another supplier that got a different surface than the surface indicated on the contract.  We told him that dealing with reliable, honest suppliers is top important.


After 5 days of communication with customers, Emosin not only got the name cards but also trust from customers.




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