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EMOSIN SPC flooring production

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EMOSIN SPC flooring production

EMOSIN SPC flooring production:

Today we will show the SPC flooring Production. You will know how SPC floor made. SPC flooring is a new product which is 100% waterproof and environmental friendly. The full name of SPC is Stone Plastic Composite. SPC floor is made up of  calcium carbonate powder, PVC powder and stabilizer. There is no any plasticizer in SPC floor. So SPC floor is totally environmental friendly.

SPC Flooring Production process

1. Mixing and heating of the raw material :

Right from the starting of the raw material. 

A: hot heating—–up to 130 degree

B: Cooling —–down to 50 degree

This step makes the material reach their best physicochemical stability.—-Dimension stability.

2.Extruding line.

CNC control- automatically settle the thickness and speed.

PVC Twin screw extruder,guarantee the semi-finished plank quality.

3.Hot pressing.

Abrasion layer+extruded plank+decor paper —all in one simultaneous hot pressing. This guarantee higher Integration of 3 layers as well as large peeling strength (50N).

4.Automatic cutting machine. High efficiency & accuracy

5.UV Coating.

Twice UV coating,light fastness and better control of the matt finish degree.

What’s more, the planks during UV coating was with high temperature plasticizing, again guarantee the best physicochemical stability.—-Dimension stability.

6. Cutting and grooving.

HOMAG line guarantees the accuracy and production. 2G 5G Valinge clicks are much easier for installation. 

After all the SPC Flooring production process, we will check all goods before package. 

Our QC will also check the finished goods. 

SPC floor is totally waterproof, can be used in bathroom and kitchen.

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