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Different Walls - SPC Stone Crystal Wall Panel

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Different Walls - SPC Stone Crystal Wall Panel

SPC Wall Panel is composed of natural stone powder and PVC material

Scope of application: hotel, hospital, school, club and other tooling and home decoration! All areas that require tiling are available. (Such as: bathroom, balcony, kitchen, etc.)

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SPC Wall Panel product advantages:

(1)Fast installation

The introduction of international advanced manufacturing equipment and locking technology simplifies the installation process, shortens the decoration time.


(2)Waterproof: SPC Wall Panel material has the characteristics of being stable and not afraid of water, waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof.


(3)Fire protection: SPC Wall Panel material itself is composed of natural stone powder and polymer crystal materials, and the fire resistance performance reaches the national B1 level standard.

(4)Sturdy and scratch-resistant: The surface of the SPC Wall Panel has a strong scratch-resistant layer, which is more durable and scratch-resistant

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(5)Environmentally friendly "0" formaldehyde: The SPC wall panel uses natural stone powder as raw material, and is once formed through high temperature and high pressure. The whole production process does not require any (glue) binder, and 100% formaldehyde is added. Hongshanlan is the first company to obtain zero formaldehyde testing from the National Testing Group.

(6)Light weight + not easy to fall off:SPC Wall Panel is lighter in weight, larger in size and more integrated, and is not prone to the problem of partial bulging and falling off.

(7)Creativity: The SPC wall panel has high plasticity, and can be customized with any color pattern, creative texture and surface texture according to the requirements of designers and customers.

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