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A good floor can't just be a "superficial article"

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A good floor can't just be a "superficial article"

As we all know, the floor surface technology is very important, because the wear resistance, gloss, and even the color of the floor are completed by the surface technology.

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However, a good floor can not only look at the surface, it is more important to repair both inside and outside.

Therefore, our floor not only pays attention to the creation of product surface technology, but more importantly, our SPC floor substrate adopts Original Material Ingredients, which is more environmentally friendly.

Good floor surface technology + high-quality internal substrates give our floor more advantages.

(1) Product color and wear resistance can be selected according to application scenarios;

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(2) Stable waterproof and fireproof performance: whether it is tooling or household use, it can better avoid unnecessary troubles and dangers;

(3) Click design, easy to install: no glue, more environmentally friendly, no nails, more secure;

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(4) Stain and dirt resistance, easy to clean: Whether it is a child's graffiti or accidentally spilled coffee, it can be easily and efficiently removed.

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